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    Johnnys Pokemon Adventures Chapter 9


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    Johnnys Pokemon Adventures Chapter 9 Empty Johnnys Pokemon Adventures Chapter 9

    Post by Hawkwind on Sat Feb 13, 2010 7:48 pm

    Johnnys Pokemon Adventures
    Chapter 9 - Rockin Brock

    The last chapters main Pokemon was Magikarp

    Music Box: (We are the World)............................

    Johnny woke up to a loud noise.

    Johnny: Wtf is going on?

    Nurse Joy: A plane just landed outside. It`s here to take Brock back to Sinnoh.

    Johnny: But isn`t Brock the Gym Leader?

    Nurse Joy: Not anymore.

    Johnny went outisde and saw the plane. Brock was about to get inside.

    Johnny: Hey Brock! My name is Johnny Herra and I challenge you to a battle even though your not Gym Leader anymore.

    Brock: Eh sure thing. This battle will be 3 on 3.

    Johnny: Ok. Go Raticate!

    Brock: Go Geodude! Use Rock Smash.

    Johnny: Raticate use Hyper Fang.

    Brock: Geodude use Mega Punch.

    Johnny: Raticate use Thunder Fang.

    Brock: Now use Rock Slide!

    Raticate fainted.......

    Johnny: Go Bulbasaur! Use Vine Whip.

    Geodude fainted.....

    Brock: Go Sudowoodo! Use Hammer Arm!

    Johnny: Bulbasaur use Razor Leaf.

    Brock: Sudowoodo use Double Edge!

    Sudowoodo was hit with recoil!

    Johnny: Bulbasaur finish it off with Vine Whip!

    Sudowoodo fainted.......

    Brock: Go Graveler. Use Rock Smash!

    Bulbasaur fainted....

    Johnny: Go Wartortle! Use Hydro Pump!

    Graveler fainted....

    Johnny: Yay I won.

    Brock: If I had my Crobat or my Steelix you wouldn`t have stood a chance. Can we battle again 2 on 2? I haven`t got to use Croagunk and Happiny yet.

    Johnny: Sure. Go Wartortle!

    Brock: Croagunk I choose you! Use Poison Jab!

    Johnny: Wartortle use Water Gun.

    Brock: Poison Jab again!

    Johnny: Wartortle use Hydro Pump!

    Croagunk fainted.......

    Brock: Happiny go! Use Strength.

    Johnny: Wartortle use Skull Bash.

    Happiny fainted........

    Johnny: Ha I beat you twice.

    Brock: Nice job. But you won`t be able to beat the new Pewter City Gym Leader.

    Brock went into the plane and flew to Sinnoh to travel with Ash and Dawn again.

    Johnny: I`ll beat the Gym Leader.

    Johnny healed his Pokemon at the Pokemon Center and slept there overnight.

    Chapter end.......

    Whats this chapters main Pokemon?

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    Johnnys Pokemon Adventures Chapter 9 Empty Re: Johnnys Pokemon Adventures Chapter 9

    Post by silverespeon10 on Tue Feb 16, 2010 10:46 am

    hmmmmmm.... tricky one

    good chapter

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