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    Dexing for eachother

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    Dexing for eachother Empty Dexing for eachother

    Post by Shiny Star on Sun Feb 14, 2010 7:29 am

    OK, in pearl I have almost all the pokemon, I have no idea what some of the ones I need are. I'm getting a shaymin soon...

    OK, if you let me dex a lunatone, you can dex one of the following...

    Any starter,
    Mew Two,
    Any of the three birds,
    Any of the free dogs,
    Any of the regies,
    Any of the Eevee things,

    And many more, you see because I have in my house hold, Ruby, Emerald, and fire red.

    If you want a pokemon I haven't stated, then post here. If I do not reply in 24 hours, pm me on forumpromotion.net

    My code will shortly follow.

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