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    Squirt Chapt 3 (last one?)


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    Squirt Chapt 3 (last  one?) Empty Squirt Chapt 3 (last one?)

    Post by Pikapillow on Sun Feb 21, 2010 1:42 pm

    It was still Monday Everyone thought it was Tuesday...

    While everyone made it to the Castle of Jolteon,Pikachu was still missing.As Usual But today was a special day for her Master...It was her master`s last day to see Jolteon.

    Umbreon just kept pacing the floor he was worried. "What has got you so worried big brother?"Jolteon asked while he was laying in bed and watching Umbreon. "Pika has gone missing just before we got here."Umbreon paced the floor faster while saying that."Calm Down bro,I`m sure she`ll come back by dinner!"Jolteon said as he was worried about his brother. "Its hard to calm down"Umbreon Mumbled as he sat down next to his sick younger brother.Jolteon looked at his brother like he was really worried. "Jolteon...You don`t need to worry...I`ll be fine."Umbreon stated .

    Later on that day Umbreon started pacing the floor again...
    "Will You stop that already!?"Jolteon hollered."No!"Umbreon answered...
    "Dinner!" Jolteon`s wife yelled.. "Ok.."Everyone else yelled back...

    As everyone went to the kitchen to eat dinner at a big round table they all saw Umbreon bringing Jolteon in his human form they noticed somethings...

    "Umbreon there is something in completely black thats behind you!"Ninetails yelled as Umbreon turned around.Umbreon moved his brother to the table while he was kicked in the faced for no reason... "Oh hiyo!"Pika said as she was just standing on Umbreon`s face. Everyone said Oh Hiyo back including Umbreon but he mumbled it.
    "Get off of my face!"Umbreon shouted.Pika got off of his face..."oh sorry...squirt.." "Your lucky your light weight..or I`d so be hurt"Umbreon Mumbled as he got up."HEY I SAID DON`T CAll ME SQUIRT!"Umbreon yelled.Pika giggled... "Well shouldn`t we be getting to dinner?"Pika asked. "Oh Yeah..."Umbreon nodded.

    So they went to dinner...and at the end of dinner...
    "Pika had me the knife!"Jolteon yelled trying to clean the dishes."I dont wanna..."Pika answered. "Pika it`s their knife "Umbreon said as he tried to take the knife away as the end of the knife was pointing her direction. "Pika,Let go!"Everyone said at the same time...Umbreon then let go of the knife and it flung at Pika. In the end there was blood everywhere Including On Umbreon. Ninetails screamed. Umbreon stared at Pika;and Pika was covered in blood also.

    At the End of the week...They had to Bury both Jolteon and Pika...

    The End...


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